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Wedding Vendor Registration

  1. Application Terms and Agreement
    This is a FREE listing on our website designed to promote the wedding industry within Buda. Listings include contact information, link to business website and social media. All applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Submissions will be reviewed within one week. If your submission is accepted you will receive an email when your listing is placed on the website. If you are denied you will receive an email with the reason for denial. We reserve the right to deny any business for any reason.
  2. Buda Preferred
    As stated above, this website is designed to promote the wedding industry in Buda. Therefore, all Buda-based wedding businesses will receive top listing under their category. However, we will list businesses outside of Buda that serve the Buda/Hays County area.
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  8. Photos of my business
    Businesses may submit photos of their business for the photo gallery on the website. The photos will not be included with your listing, but can be linked to your listing from the photo gallery. If you submit a photo you are indicating that you are allowing the City of Buda Department of Tourism to use them on materials that promote Buda's wedding industry. All photos will be credited to your business when used.
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