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Aug 13

Find New Flavors on a Food Truck Tour

Posted on August 13, 2020 at 4:26 PM by Gabriela Moore

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Pie Shack_pizza pull

You are thinking about it, I’m thinking about it and we all know our tummies are thinking about it. When are we going to do a food truck tour? Today, my friend, is that day. We took a page from Middle Earth and created a food tour fit for a hobbit’s appetite. *Insert elevenses meme here and awkward pause for those non-nerds* Grab a group of your closest friends and buckle up for a self-guided tour of the food truck hot spots across Buda!  

Helens_nachosOur first stop takes us to Helen’s Casa Alde for our favorite course of the meal: appetizers. Although known for their breakfast tacos, we are diving into what central Texans love most: chips smothered in cheese! Enjoy a plate full of nachos with your favorite toppings to get your weekly fix. The one we got is topped with mushrooms to make a vegetarian’s tummy happy.  This beloved restaurant has been serving the Buda community since 1980 and after an unfortunate fire accident earlier this year, they are now back and strong! It’ll warm your heart to know their new home is back at Helen’s old home right off Main Street. 
Louies_baked potatoNext up, salad. Er well, what is salad anyway? It is basically just obligatory vegetables stacked with all the other things you actually want to eat right? So why not make it a loaded baked potato instead? Head downtown to Louie’s Craft BBQ and order you and your friends a Loaded Brisket Baked Potato for a buttery, cheesy, burnt-endy hunk of pure deliciousness. Pair it with the spicy green salsa, wash it down with a Big Red and you are well on your way to getting full. 

But WAIT, because...  Amici_penne and oystersWe’re headed to South Main Street for a pairing made in heaven, Amici and Pie Shack. Both food trucks serve dishes inspired by the great chefs of Naples, Italy and our main course has inspired our stomachs to make room. From Amici we highly recommend the Penne Alla Vodka. A divine pasta dish made with vodka sauce that we find ourselves ordering over and over again. Or head to the next window for the Blanco pizza with 4 different cheeses wood-fired to perfection from Pie Shack. We apologize in advance for the hard time you will have choosing a dish. And anyway, real friends share.

Chocolate Drop_cakeOur last stop takes us to Chocolate Drop Confections in Cambria and Jordan’s Rail Switch for homemade desserts and soft serve ice cream. Now that you’re full you may want to go light with something like a rootbeer float. But if your stomach all of a sudden makes room as soon as you hear the word “chocolate” then you may be ready for the chocolate devil’s food cake with buttercream frosting. You can pick one of these favorites or anything in between.  Follow this tour menu or create your own; there are many more food trucks to choose from! 1. Amici - Naples inspired italian cuisine 2. A Snowball's Chance - inspired snow cones 3. Bandit Tacos - craft tacos and unique frito pies 4. Bat Wings Co. - chef inspired chicken wings 5. Beaux Southern Seafood - cajun shellfish 6. Chocolate Drop & Buda Burger - homemade confections and burgers 7. Helen's Casa Alde - famous breakfast tacos 8. Mambo Freeze - snow cones and concessions 9. Louie's Craft BBQ - tex mex fusion barbeque 10. Pie Shack ATX - wood fired pizza 11. Shugabee's - texas barbeque