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Jun 16

The Adventure Begins

Posted on June 16, 2017 at 7:29 PM by Lysa Gonzalez

There is an advantage to being a newbie--especially in a city.  Graduating from tourist to aspiring local guide, you get to explore all the hidden places that locals love with new eyes. As the Tourism Coordinator for the City of Buda, lucky me got the inside scoop from the Tourism Director herself, Lysa Gonzalez.


Stop #1: Antioch Colony We started our adventure in one of the most historic places in Buda, Antioch Community Church in Antioch Colony. Founded in the early 1870’s, it was home to some of the first freed slaves in Texas. Though its grim history includes continued segregation and no electricity until the 1950’s, the decedents of residents believe the park and historical marker serves as a beautiful reminder. And hopefully signifies how far we’ve come and will continue to go as a country. It is inspiring to stand on the grounds and image life back then. I can’t help but to be thankful and remember to keep pushing forward.

Antioch Church

Stop #2: NDF Farm and Market Further down the road, you will find NDF Farm and Market. It is a sweet spot for local, farm fresh produce where everything is grown organically. They use a homemade compost tea and three different farming methods--hydroponics, aquaponics, and soil. In addition to fresh produce they also sell farm fresh eggs, meat, freshly squeezed juice, honey and so many more delicious foods meaning you won’t even need to go to a big box grocery store. With their farm closing at the end of the summer, this place will definitely be our one stop shop for the season. NDF farm sign NDF farm tomatoe NDF farm items NDF farm produce


Stop #3: Proof Liquor and Deli Just in time to curb our rumbling stomach, we made our way to Proof Liquor & Deli. Tucked away on FM 967, this unique shop served up one of the tastiest sandwiches around. If you can’t choose which sandwich to sink your teeth into, try the Horsey Blue. I didn’t know a cold sandwich could be so good. Nestled into a liquor store and specialty grocery, this all age eatery doesn’t shy away from bringing kids to the table. (Side note, plan to save the alcohol you buy for later--you can’t actually drink at the table.) Proof Liquor order Proof Liquor Deli


Stop 4: Two Wheel Brewing Co. We closed our day enjoying an ice cold brew straight from the tap of Buda’s first brewing company, Two Wheel Brewing Co. Located just outside of downtown Buda, craft beer connoisseurs can chose from 5 different brews--to include one named in honor of our own city, Budaful Blonde Ale. This casual outdoorsy spot is perfect for an evening after a long hike where you can relax or play a game of washers, beer in hand. Two Wheel Budaful Blondle Ale


Every Friday we’ll be posting our adventures around town. Tell us where to go next or share your own Buda adventures with us by using #visitbudatx. See you on the trail!

- Gabriela Moore