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Aug 17

Rule the Kingdom, Pinballz Kingdom, That Is...

Posted on August 17, 2018 at 4:31 PM by Lysa Gonzalez

Hey there! My name is Veronica Tierno and I am an intern with Visit Buda, TX. I am a senior at Texas State University majoring in Digital Media Innovation with a concentration in Multimedia Production. I grew up all over the U.S. due to my parents being in the military. I have spent my whole life adapting to new environments.

As I get to know Buda, I will take you along with me to show you how to stay busy on an unplanned Friday. To carry on with Adventure Friday is such an honor. Buda is a great place to explore and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you!

My first adventure: Pinballz Kingdom!

When you think of the word “kingdom,” what do you think of? I usually think of castles, dragons, and royalty. Expect three out of three of those things when you come to Pinballz Kingdom.

The arcade is located in a former truck stop that was built to look like a castle. To match the theme of the building, the entrance archway contains a giant dragon who greets you as you walk through the doors.

If you want to play games, you buy a game card as soon as you walk in the door. The card stores your credits and treasures (tickets). While adventuring through their wide variety of arcade games, expect to be treated as royalty along the way. 

I enjoy Pinballz Kingdom compared to other arcades because of their wide variety of vintage and retro games like PacMan, Donkey Kong, Gallaga, etc. Even in arcades my parents took me to when I was younger, I have never seen so many pinball machines in one place. They have a whole wall almost completely filled with pinball machines (hence the name). What I find cool is all of the retro games are for sale.

 If pinball isn’t your thing, they also have classic games like air hockey, skee ball, coin-pusher games, and newer phone “app” games for the kiddos, as well as, bumper cars.

If you want an awesome place for a date day, family outing, or you’re hanging out with friends, you can expect to spend all day in this kingdom.