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Jan 19

National Popcorn Day in Buda, TX!

Posted on January 19, 2018 at 6:16 PM by Gabriela Moore

When you think of a fairytale land you probably imagine a big beautiful castle filled with stories of how the prince and princess fell in love and the evil witch who relentlessly tries to destroy their forever budding relationship.

Well in Buda, our fairytale land is filled with everflowing popcorn of all flavors where the only evil is deciding which flavor to choose. Enter: The Princess and the Popper. A gourmet popcorn company that came to reality over dinner at Super Slicks right here in Buda. We tackled the tough decisions in life and sampled four of the many flavors these master poppatiers have to offer.

Cheese & Spice

The camelot of popcorns. The office favorite. The “wait...ah, there it is” popcorn. This flavor came in as the office favorite for its ability satisfy our popcorn cravings as we found ourselves digging into this one over and over again. With a smooth white cheddar bite and a jalapeno kick this flavor will quickly become your favorite too. And if the word spice scares you away, the biggest spice wimp in our office still loved this flavor!

Garliq Parm

A classic flavor you truly cannot go wrong with. This popcorn is layered thick with cheesy, garlicy goodness that will leave you wanting another handful everytime. Take this one to a party and you’ll quickly become the MVP of the night.

Ranchy Buffalo

The best kind of snack is the kind that makes you think your eating something else--with fewer calories, but all the flavor. Welcome to chicken wing heaven. You’ll find yourself getting this one delivered to your office for a 3 o’clock snack more times than you should. And anyway, popcorn is practically a health food.

Pecan Princess

With a perfect carmely crunch, this is what Cracker Jack wants to be. I never would have thought popcorn could be so creamy and melt like butter in your mouth, but this one does!

Veterans April Caldwell and her husband, Aaron, became poppatiers after moving to Buda and seeking a way to plant roots into Buda and truly become a part of the community. If you’re in the Buda area you can order through Facebook and your fairytale popcorn will be delivered straight to your front door. Their dream is to eventually open a brick and mortar shop in Downtown Buda. We hope to see it soon because in the words of April, “I thought the beautiful downtown could us the smell of delicious popcorn.”

We followed April and Aaron around on National Popcorn Day to hand out free samples in Downtown Buda!