Buda Back in the Day

Garison Filling Station

The property was purchased by Dave Garrison back in 1917. He originally owned a furniture shop on Main St. with his brother, but later sold his half in order to run the filling station in 1920. At one point, he built a burger joint called Tiny Tavern and a miniature golf course behind the station, both are no longer there. When Mr. Garison grew older he rented out the property to various businesses, including a lawn mower repair shop.

In 1995, the family decided to settle the estate. That is when Sandra Grizzle, current owner, decided to buy the property. (Sandra married Dave's grandson.) First, she rented it to a real estate company, but later decided to open her own shop called Old Main Street Station. She also houses other tenants in the history building.

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Old Town Buda Antique Mall

Built in 1915 by successful businessman, Will Barber, the antique mall was the only three-story building in the area. For the first part of it's life the building was a movie theater and those who look closely can still see the box office ticket windows. In the 1950's the building was split into apartments. 

While the building still has some apartments, it is mostly known for housing the Old Town Buda Antique Mall, owned by Jeff Brown. 

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Buda Mill & Grain

Once an old grain mill dating dating back to 1911, this business was originally called the Buda Gin Company and was home to a cotton gin. But when the Great Depression hit, many of the local farmers converted to dairies. In order to adapt, the gin was changed to a grain mill in order to feed the cows.

The property was purchased by Cecil Ruby in 1963 an later inherited by his daughter and current owner, Dodi Ellis. 

Today, Buda Mill & Grain houses retail stores, an art gallery, eateries, a salon, and a yoga studio with plenty of room to add new businesses. 

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Buda Elementary

The historic campus seen today was built in 1929 after the original campus burned down in a fire. The campus was home to all grades, but the main building was the high school. The last class for Buda High School was 1968, as Buda, Kyle, and Wimberley school districts were combined to make Hays Consolidated Independent School District. After, the school was used as the junior high and then was eventually made the elementary school.

Today, a new Buda Elementary is being constructed and the campus will no longer hold classes once the new school is complete. Hays CISD will keep the historic portion of the school and will seek public input on what to do with the building.

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